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MedinetUnited Clinical Plus Stethoscope

MedinetUnited Clinical Plus Stethoscope
MedinetUnited Clinical Plus Stethoscope
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Get a dynamic sound range and lightweight feel with this MedinetUnited Clinical Plus Stethoscope. A unique screw-on bell assembly allows you to hear low frequency sounds.

  • Dual head stethoscope
  • Innovative lightweight chestpiece with pressure sensitive diaphragms
  • Dynamic sound range
  • Stainless steel stem improves sound conductivity
  • Sound transmission with less noise
  • Screw-on bell assembly for low frequency sounds
  • Extra-thick-walled PVC tubing helps shield sounds and block out ambient noise
  • Internal binaural spring with sound conductor
  • Includes large and small soft sealing eartips, replacement diaphragms, and ID tag
  • Overall length: about 31"
  • Total weight: about 4.9oz
  • Ideal for General Practitioners, Nurses and Nursing Students, Medical Students, and EMTs
  • Lifetime Warranty with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts

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